"Ideas for a new drinking game!
Tape Drinking game
Step 1: Make a playlist of all the tapes that has been leaked so far.
1) Take a sip when someone curses.
2) Take 2 sips when somebody mentions/signals a crime that will or that has been committed. (general sinful activities included)
3) If someone being a bastard in general, down the whole thing!
4) Repeat the game with new additions to list.
5) Continue the game until you forget everything, so that you’ll be reminded again next morning!
5) Proceed playing the game, from the top.
6) Remember to HAVE FUN!! (Or else, it can get depressive.)
No rights reserved (you can change the rules of the game. Nobody cares)
(Ps: Any liver damage that can occur during or as a result of this game is player’s responsibility.)"

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Am I supposed to be impressed that you’ve never killed anybody? What a bold moral choice from a person who’s terrified of violence and scared shitless of going to jail! (sarcasm)

It’s like, have you ever had the opinion of murdering a bunch o people!?
Okay, then why the FUCK am I listening to your opinion on the matter!? Every day that you didn’t kill a thousand fucking people, we should throw you a goddamn parade!


"We can’t just have a tiny fraction of people trying to save the world, a tiny fraction fucking it over, and everybody else just hanging out waiting to see what happens. It’s not sustainable."

Toothpaste For Dinner comic: when i grow up

"Yemeksepeti stands for everything I hold dear, that is food delivery within half hour.. I will bore anyone to death with this speech before I let anyone speak shit about yemeksepeti."

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doctor who


What if Doctor Who was a ’90s Sitcom?

Doctor Who is taped before a stasis-locked omnipresent audience.


"Girls secretly want to be able to freely make whatever choice they want in regard to dress, politics, work or parenting and without it making them a “good” or a “bad” feminist. You’re welcome…"

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o.o oww..

6 Perfect Sentences

6 Perfect Sentences

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No need for hugs either.. You’re just going to make it worse..